Newbie Ndef questions

This is a interesting tutorial about Ndef

Some questions I’m struggling with:

  1. Should I make a Synth via Ndef or SynthDef?

When I update a Ndef synth (like it is done in the video by Mads), my Pbindef gets interrupted (the Pbindef changes to just playing the Synth I guess when evaluating the Ndef Synth).
That’s why my preference is to make a SynthDef at the moment, but could be that I do something wrong with the naming or so.

  1. Some syntax confusion:
    Are these below the same?

     Ndef(\ps)[10] = \filter -> {|in|, 2, 2, 0.01, 0.01) });
     Ndef(\ps).filter(10, {|in|, 2, 2, 0.01, 0.01) });     

  1. Am I right, that you can use Pbindef instead of Pdef?
    So I can use this example (contribution 23 in this thread), which was really helpful, but use a Pbindef instead, right?

Note to myself: It seems to be easier to combine patterns (Ppar, Pmono, Pbind) using Pdef, compared to Pbindef. Better to stick with Pdef I guess.
Keep up exploring mate :wink: