No NRT output on Windows

I can’t get NRT on Windows to output any sound files. Basically .recordNRT doesn’t make the file. None of the help files do anything.

On mac, the helpfile code below posts:

nextOSCPacket 0.1
nextOSCPacket 0.2
nextOSCPacket 0.3
nextOSCPacket 1
nextOSCPacket 1

On PC it just says done, but no packets.

Is this normal? I’m on Parallels running Windows Arm. This could be the issue, but everything else works fine.

The same code works fine on Mac.

SC 3.14.0-dev on both Mac and Windows.



    SynthDef("helpscore", { |out, freq = 440|,
  , 0, 0.2) *, 0, 0.5, doneAction: Done.freeSelf)
var f, o;
g = [
    [0.1, [\s_new, \helpscore, 1000, 0, 0, \freq, 440]],
    [0.2, [\s_new, \helpscore, 1001, 0, 0, \freq, 660],
        [\s_new, \helpscore, 1002, 0, 0, \freq, 880]],
    [0.3, [\s_new, \helpscore, 1003, 0, 0, \freq, 220]],
    [1, [\c_set, 0, 0]] // finish
o = = 1; // mono output
Score.recordNRT(g, Platform.defaultTempDir ++ "help-oscFile", Platform.defaultTempDir +/+ "helpNRT.aiff", options: o, action:{"done".postln}); // synthesize

Apparently this was a dev build thing. Works fine with 3.13.


“Used to work in a prior version but doesn’t work now” is the definition of a regression issue – I can perhaps try Windows later (but not on an ARM machine) and see if it’s the same for an Intel processor.


If I construct the command and run it in cmd.exe:

cd "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\SuperCollider"

"D:\Program Files\path\to\scsynth.exe" -N help-oscFile _ helpNRT2.aiff 44100 AIFF int16 -a 1023 -i 2 -o 1

… then it runs successfully. (So there’s an ugly workaround.)

This suggests maybe unixCmd has some issue in this build. I can also not boot the server by s.boot in this dev build (“exit code 1”). However a very simple "dir".unixCmd does produce output. Not sure what’s up there… I couldn’t get scsynth going via sclang at all (this is the latest dev build from our downloads page).