No sound over any line of code

After launching SuperCollider and FoxDot, any line of code from FoxDot doesn’t make a sound. The message i get from SuperCollider is:

*** ERROR: SynthDef startSound not found
FAILURE IN SERVER /s_new SynthDef not found

the same error occurs with makeSound, and with any instrument i might try to run. When i check the SynthDef sound paste, its empty (and that might be the problem, but i dont know what i did wrong over the setup)

Also, when I’m starting FoxDot i get the following message:

Warning: Could not fetch info from SCLang server. Using defaults…

(and maybe there’s the problem?)

Thanks anyone for trying to help!

hi marcos, this is probably a foxdot issue and not a supercollider issue, so there’s probably not much we can help you with here, sorry!