NodeProxyGui2 – a (slightly more) modern GUI for Ndefs and Nodeproxies


Niklas Adam (@salkin-mada), Fredrik Olofsson (@redfrik) and I have made an alternative to the classic Ndef(...).gui gui. It’s mostly non-dramatic but essential stuff that sets it apart from the old .gui, but:

… it’s got more readable labels, scaleable layout, generally bigger elements, alotta respect for Specs (and a sensible fallback when there is no Spec to respect) as well as a few handy tricks, like parameter randomization etc.

It’s very easy to use. Just install the package and call .gui2 on Ndef and NodeProxy:

Ndef(\abc, {|freq=100, amp=0.5, pan=0|, pos: pan, level: amp)

g = Ndef(\abc).gui2;

thanks for the awesome work.
Im new to Ndef in general, is it possible to place the NodeProxyGui2 on a main window?
And can you supress specific parameters for not ending up as Specs in the GUI?
thanks alot :slight_smile:

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