Non-Score OSC messages in an NRT Score

Hi there -
I’m a little unsure about how to implement this…

I have a basic OSCFunc. It reads a randomly generated number (from a Synth) and uses that number to correspond with triggering a Pbind. It essentially looks like this:
o = OSCFunc({ |msg|
{msg[3] == 1.0}{}
{msg[3] == 2.0}{}
{msg[3] == 3.0}{}
}, ‘/someNumbers’);

~firstone, ~secondone, ~thirdone are the Pbinds that it instantiates.

This all works fine in real-time, but I’d like to add it to a NRT score and can’t quite figure out where to start…

I tried a couple things…

For starters, I’m not sure loading the OSC function to the NRT score (asBytes) is a feasible option:

x.add([0.0, [\d_recv,
o = OSCFunc({ |msg|
{msg[3] == 1.0}{~firstone.asScore}
{msg[3] == 2.0}{~secondone.asScore}
{msg[3] == 3.0}{~thirdone.asScore}

}, ‘/someNumbers’).asBytes;

Secondly, I’m not sure I can bring up those Pbinds (~firstone, ~secondone, etc.) and render them into the same file, just by calling “asScore” on them all.