NOTAM Meetups: Spring 2024

Halllloooo again!

I’m excited to be back with another season of SuperCollider meetups, hosted by our friends at Notam! The meetings will take place online approximately once a month on Zoom at 7pm CET (Oslo Time):

SuperCollider meetup:
Meeting ID: 974 3258 0111
Link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

At these meetups, SuperCollider users (usually 2 per meetup) present a project, class library, instrument, or artistic practice featuring our favourite audio programming environment. These presentations are informal, vary in their format, and are intended to showcase the diversity and flexibility of expression our beloved SC permits.

If you’re interested in presenting a project/workflow/tool/whatever at one of the Meetups, send me a DM and I’ll find a slot for you - absolutely everyone is welcome to share!

All community events at Notam fall under the NOTAM Code of Conduct to make them as inclusive as possible. Please follow read the full Code of Conduct before joining an event. If you have accessibility related requests or questions about the meetup, please send me a message here and I’ll do what I can to address them!

In the week before each meetup I’ll return here to present info about the forthcoming presenters, so be sure to follow this thread via the :bell: on the right!

The meetup dates for spring 2024 will be:


Looking forward to see you soon!!


How exciting - our first SC Meetup of 2024 is already next week! Our first presenter is none other than @Spacechild1:

Christof Ressi is an Austrian composer, arranger, programmer and multimedia artists. As a composer, he works in various fields of music, such as contemporary classical, jazz, dance/theater or experimental electronics. He performs his own audio-visual pieces, either solo or with his duo Ressi/Benes. He is a regular contributor to open source projects, including Pure Data and Supercollider, and publishes his own software under open source licenses.

“Together we will take a deep dive into the architecture of Scsynth and Supernova. Most implementation details are – rightfully so – abstracted away by the Class Library and few SC users interact with the Server directly. However, some of these abstractions are “leaky”. As a consequence, knowing how the Server works internally can be very helpful for using it effectively or avoiding certain problems. We will also discuss the strengths and limitations of Scsynth compared to other computer music platforms, such as Pure Data. There will be much room for questions, so feel free to ask anything that you ever wanted to know about the Server.”


Our second presenter on Wednesday is Derek Worthington:

Derek will be discussing the three main systems he’s built in SuperCollider. The first is a set of visual interfaces for assisting in the composition of polytempic music (music in multiple tempos simultaneously). This program takes care of the calculation and measuring that would otherwise be required, enabling a smooth compositional workflow for sketching, testing, and developing ideas. The second is a system for directing an improvising ensemble, which communicates information graphically by displaying parameter-value pairings. The program gives the director many options for gradually or abruptly sculpting the texture and form of the improvisation. The third is a suite of patches for improvised live processing, often applied in a duo or trio setting to manipulate the sound of the acoustic improvisers.


Detroit-based musician Derek Worthington works in the intersection of composition and collective improvisation. As a 2023 Composer in Residence at the Zurich University for the Arts, he composed a set of polytempic miniatures for sextet, merging creative improvised music with intricate temporal structures. His “Lossy Codecs” system for directed improvisation explores unique modes of information transfer, applying methods and aesthetics of electronic music to acoustic group improvisation. Worthington has presented original work around the United States and internationally, in cities including New York, Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, Zurich, and Berlin.


See you all in a few hours! :star_struck:


It would be nice if the meetups were recorded !


I agree! GDPR makes things a little bit less-than-straightforward, plus hosting/maintaining the recordings would require some resources (Notam also does online meetups for Max/MSP, spatial audio, etc.). I’ll bug the folks at Notam and see if we can come up with a solution! :slight_smile:

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Just to follow up on this:

I spoke to the administrator at Notam about why we don’t record them/maintain an archive and was provided with another reason I didn’t mention above - a previous host of the meetups found that recording them led to less engagement, fewer questions, etc. from participants, and one of Notam’s goals with these meetups is to keep them casual, inclusive, and low-pressure. So they decided against recording all the meetups, unfortunately.

Buuuuuttt…that doesn’t stop users/presenters from sharing their notes/slides/code on this forum or elsewhere! @nathan wrote a great blog post based on the work he shared with us in September, for example! It would warm my heart if the topics that appear at the meetups blossom into threads on the forum… :heart_eyes_cat: