Notes for setting up a Raspberry Pi 4 for audio work

We have been messing around with the Raspberry Pi 4 at Notam and had lots of fun with it. We compiled some notes (and a realtime kernel) on how to optimize headless raspbian for audio work and install and setup SuperCollider + neovim + scnvim in easy to copy-paste commands.

PS. The PI4 is an amazing machine for SC!


This is fantastic!

Could you post some rough benchmarks, e.g. how many of X before dropouts occur, this sort of thing? It would be super nice to know what one can expect from a well configured RPI SC setup.

I will do some stats with xruncounter and get back to you!

I overhauled my Raspberry Pi 4 audio setup guide quite significantly. It now includes instructions for installing Raspbian, a script for realtime kernel installation and a photo of a broken arm.

I never got around to making viable benchmarks here but in use I experience almost no difference in terms of performance between the Pi4 and my laptop (which is a 2019 model)!