Notice: Upcoming changes to branch naming across SC org

Hey all,

As part of implementing SuperCollider RFC #10 (Replace oppressive terminology with more accurate alternatives by brianlheim · Pull Request #10 · supercollider/rfcs · GitHub), the dev team will soon rename “master” branches in all SuperCollider organization repositories to “main”. This change will happen on Saturday, April 17, and will affect all 21 repositories listed here: SuperCollider · GitHub. This does not affect the SuperCollider Quarks · GitHub organization, which requires extra discussion due to the design of Quarks.

On that day, we will use the GitHub UI to rename the “master” branch of each repository to “main” as indicated here: GitHub - github/renaming: Guidance for changing the default branch name for GitHub repositories.

Another message will follow this one once the change is complete, at which point action will be needed on your part.

If you have forked any of these repositories on GitHub, after April 17 you will be able to update by performing the same renaming operation on your own repository via the GitHub UI: go to your repo, click “branches”, click the pencil icon next to the “master” branch to rename, and set the name to “main”.

If you have cloned any of these repositories locally, after April 17 you will be able to follow these steps to update your branch. Note that the GitHub UI also shows a reminder with similar instructions.

# "move" master to main
git branch -m master main

# set the correct upstream -- this will work regardless of whether you had the
# SuperCollider remote named as "upstream" or "origin"
git branch -u $(git config branch.main.remote)/main main

# update your local reference for the SuperCollider remote
git remote set-head $(git config branch.main.remote) -a

This has no impact on repositories which are git submodules under ordinary usage. You will need to repeat the steps for updating a local clone if you are developing a submodule locally.

Any questions should be directed to the GitHub issue thread: Implement RFC 10 (master->main, etc.) · Issue #5251 · supercollider/supercollider · GitHub. We’ll do our best to update if there are any further changes necessary for forks and clones.