nuPG: How to install?

Fantastic. Many thanks, @marcin_pietruszewski! It’s (mostly) working for me now.

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Hi, I’m totally new to SC and I can’t install the nuPG. I made all the 1-9 passages indicated here but when I run ‘nuPG_1.0_startUp.scd’ all I can see is the code but not the GUI. Maybe the problem is the Conductor? I also tried to install it manually using the “Language/Quarks/Install a folder” option but it doesn’t work anyway. Any suggestions?

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Hi! Been really digging the recordings made with nuPG but I’m having problems making sound with it:
I get the GUI and the server up nice and everything but when I try to press the “>” after drawing in the instructed arrays to make some sound, it throws an error: “Message ‘at’ not understood”. Is it possible that the program cannot run on Catalina, which is unfortunately the newest possible OS for my hunk of aluminum?