(O/T maybe) Has anyone here tried Glicol? Impressions relative to SC?

https://glicol.org/ Based on its Jun 2021 paper, it seems to be a sound server over AudioWorklet. The interesting bit is that unlike SC where user has total control over the server node placements etc., they seem use a selective graph recompilation that automagically picks only changed nodes to replace, whenever the use re-evals their program. So, in a sense like “Ndef on steroids” or rather more like Hot Reload (which isn’t an audio-oriented thing). They alas don’t have much of a musical demo that I could find, but based on the conf. talk another interesting bit is that everything is treated as a parameter, including constants, so the user can change their mind about everything at runtime and Gilcol promises to do the right thing.

So, has anyone here used Gilcol? Impressions relative to SC? Or even SC-based things like Tidal Cycles? Glicol doesn’t seem to support MIDI currently, by the way, according to the paper.

As I was wondering… where’s the basic graph list etc. It turns out they use the browser debugger for that (ctrl+shift+J in Chrome). Shows something like

For their mainpage demo.

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Thanks for the share!

It definitely looks like an interesting project, especially as it runs on the Web.

I really liked some of the solution they went with, like prepending modulators with the tilde. Also, I was very intrigued to see that they use the same kind of syntax that I use in my live-coding environment Alga to express connections. For the OP, note that Alga also provides some of the “replacing magic” and “automatic node ordering” that you mentioned, so it’s definitely possible to express them in SC-land too. :slight_smile:


As I looked through their tutorial a bit, it’s clear that this more of a concept demo at the moment. Things that are obviously missing are any sort pattern library or generators and any form of gui, even basic sliders.
But since the whole thing is also available as a js library, those things could, in theory, be added.

As for the core, I’m not seeing any arrays, or a way to do even stereo. So it seems purely mono synth at the moment, unless I’ve missed something.