Official M1/arm64 build?

Hi guys, I’m wondering when we can expect an official M1/arm64 build? I got one from someone based on the current dev version, but it should be possible to build 3.12.2 native for arm46 as well, right? I tried it myself but couldn’t get past a bunch of error messages mostly concerning qt5. I did notice my native dev build runs about 15% to 30% better in cpu usage and visibly smoother in graphic performance. And same question for sc3-plugins… (I did manage to build those, but there are some issues with the spectral UGens in there). Ideally we have universal versions for all…

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Yes would be very interested in a native M1 build myself. I am phsyched to hear about the gains in performance using a native build. That being said I have found that Supercollider runs pretty smoothly in Rosetta 2.

It’s not an official release, but if you want to build it yourself, there are instructions here:

You need to use that brew --prefix qt5 trick seen in the topic and disable some stuff

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Arm build will be available with the 3.13 release (no date set…)
You can download the develop build for arm from github:
Unfortunately you need to be signed into github to access it.
Additionally, the build is not signed, so you need to run it with right-click open (twice).



That’s great, I got it working! Only problem is for SC ARM to recognize my extensions. I recompiled the class library without errors but none of my extensions turn up in IDE. Any ideas?

Unfortunately now my 3.12.2 version also does not recognize any extensions. This happened right after downloading and opening SC 3.13.

Extensions (plugins) also need to be compiled for arm in order to work.

Latest build of sc3-plugins is a universal binary, you can find it on github in the actions tab (similarly to the SC build).
As for other extensions, they need to be build for arm by their authors…

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