Online SuperCollider Workshop August 24-28, 2020

Hi all,

This year’s intensive SuperCollider workshop from CCRMA / Stanford will take place ONLINE August 24-28. More info here:

The workshop is designed for total beginners even without any programming experience. Since it’s all going to be online due to COVID-19, I will prioritize the time we spend together on helping people in small groups and one-on-one mini sessions throughout the week, in addition to daily full group lectures.

In addition to the usual topics, if there is interest I may also present some of the SuperCollider work being done with the Santa Clara Laptop Orchestra (SCLOrk), and perhaps organize a jacktrip jam session with participants.

On the one hand it is sad we won’t be all live in the same room as in previous years. On the other hand, anyone can take the workshop from any country without having to spend money with travel!

Any questions, feel free to email me off list at bruviaro at scu dot edu.




Glad this is still happening!

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