Online Symposium Dec 15/16 - HfM Trossingen - AI in Music - Agency, Performance, Production and Perception

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a new chapter in the ongoing development of technological tools that promise to transform the processes of creative work and artistic production. Now is the time to reconsider the relation of art and AI in practice, its aesthetic potential and to actively participate in and shape the transition and development of artistic and technological professions in the field of AI and music.

The symposium brings together experienced artists, practitioners, researchers and engineers who have been known for crossing over between composition, production, design and performance, engineering and development. The event addresses questions related to the agency of data, AI ethics, performance, and perception.

We hope to provide context from which to approach and make even more sense of the new an revolutionary tools bleeding edge research places at our fingertips.

As we want to promote a stimulating international exchange, the conference language will be English.


“Deconstructing data: the compositional process as critical inquiry”
Artemi Gioti (University College London, UK)

“Creative Dialectics: Playing with Intelligent Instruments”
Thor Magnusson (University of Sussex, UK)

Full Program: AI in Music - Agency, Performance, Production and Perception

The organizing committee,

Luc Döbereiner, Aleksandar Golovin, Joachim Goßmann, Norman Müller, Roland Sproll

Hey Luc! (Heyy!)

It’s been a year, but this topic was still sizzling on here. Super excited to see folks diving into it focusing in our field.

If it’s doable, consider live-streaming the event and giving us a chance to jump in with questions and participation.

Wishing you guys all the best of luck! :rocket:


Having recently sat through a kind of cheerleading presentation about AI in music, I’d be much more interested in this program than the lecture I heard.

One thing I’m curious about is work on human reception of AI generated art and music. Is there a line, even a fuzzy one, between “that’s cool” and “this is an abomination”? AI art has been neither universally accepted nor rejected, so there must be a line; teasing out some boundaries is an interesting topic.

Probably revealing my own biases: I’ve seen a fair amount of discourse about AI production but rather less about what humans get out of it. “Art is always a relationship, and only sometimes a product” (hjh) and it seems hasty to me on those occasions when AI discourse assumes that art is always principally a product (which, conveniently, can be made more rapidly with AI).

Perhaps a bit of a hijack – if so, apologies – just hoping that some of these topics get some play on the weekend.

Thanks for organizing it!


Well, that’s the take Marx gave to technology (since his youth, see Economic & Philosophic Manuscripts
of 1844), or more recently people like Bernard Stiegler. I’m sure someone will have deeper insights than podcast-level talk (although artists have a tendency to naive takes, that’s also true)

There is the great MusAI project that thinks and talks about that - led by Georgina Born, with many fantastic collaborators (including Artemi who is one of the keynotes). There were already a few gigs, with talks of artists thinking about it all too. like @jamshark70 I don’t want to hijack a thread with these questions but they are very relevant and important indeed. maybe we should do a reading / listening list somewhere…

Are you sure Georgina Born is the one person to listen to about it? Sorry, I just think she’s way overrated in the Anglo/NATOstan world. (ED: I didn’t want to devalue the other members of the group (which I don’t know), nor was it anything personal; it was just what I said)

Absolutely agree about the necessity to talk about it. I’ll be around when the moment comes.

Your take on Georgina Born is fascinating, as she is one of the very few articulated dissident voices in (as you call it) NATOstan. Talking about techno-scientific biases. Talking about class issues. Talking about simplified ethics of the tech bros. Talking about the complexities of interdisciplinarity.

and, look at that team she’s put together. I’ve been in a few of those meetings, I can tell you my brain has been rinced.

So yes, I definitely want to hear from her and her team. And others, obviously. Anything but the a-i-is-good-a-i-is-bad is welcome.

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Hey @Luc_Doebereiner long time no see since your Hudd days :slight_smile: I went on the conf site, and I cannot seem to find out how to attend…

I’ll listen and read all of them for sure. Anyway, the different opinions about one person’s approach/work does not matter outside this framing of the discussion. Sorry if you were offended in any way. <3

it takes a LOT more than that to offend me :smiley: I might event use NATOstan in my spiel now for dramatic effect. I am running out of insults for the WEIRD blindness and this is a fun one. but this group isn’t supposed to be polical so I’ll leave it there and thanks for checking you didn’t offend me <3

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BTW, NATOstan was a joke for myself, since I had to read against my will musicologists who wrote things like “North-Atlantic” culture, which just sounds for people like me like ALERT IDEOLOGY…))). Of course, the term is popular when people discuss Global North/South… so I hear it a lot since a couple of years already.

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