Organising/collapsing/pocketing code - suggestions?


I’m a non-coder (outside of SC) using the regular SC IDE.
I want to share an idea for a tool I desire to have to help organise code. I know some people use multiple tabs (files), but I like to keep to one tab. Besides, as far as I know, ‘pockets’ offer greater potential for organisational logic, because they could be vertically arranged anywhere you want them. Ideally there could be pockets-within-pockets.

Here’s a mock-up:

Do any other IDEs for SuperCollider have this? If not, what can I do to achieve this? Looking for knowledge. Maybe I’m misunderstanding IDEs in general.


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Do you mean ‘folding lines’ (code folding)?

SC-IDE does not support it.
If you really need this feature, I think you should use vscode-sc-extension…

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Thanks for this comment. Didn’t know about that thread. Good to know there’s a VS code extension that can do it… but I might have to start using tabs.

Yes, you can also split the editor windows.

Also, if you need an overview, you could do the following in index.scd in a folder:

"title 1.scd".resolveRelative.openDocument
"title 2.scd".resolveRelative.openDocument

Please take a close look at the image below (sorry for the Korean characters):

This is very helpful, it gives me an idea of how to approach using multiple tabs. Thanks!