Original SuperCollider Website

I think this is the original website, built by SuperCollider originator, James McCartney, and is worth visiting just for the old photos and beautiful colour scheme.

it has a great reading list, links to some internet resources, a list of relevant people, and a little rant about real estate prices in Silicon Valley.

looks like it hasn’t been updated in a while.



cool! looks much more playful (and engaging) than the current website.

Gradients in the style of LSD afterimages were a core part of SC2 and early SC3. Sadly, gradient functionality mostly went away with the port to QT. :(((((

this is known as “gradient descent.”

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baha. yup well colours were intensor in the 90s

really? no gradients in QT?

Unfortunately yes. The classes Gradient and HiliteGradient are still documented, but without functionality. For good reason it was not highest priority in the days of the change to Qt, but I always hoped it would come back. GUIs with gradients are much more fun to work with.