OSC to Pitch control

Dear SC Community,

i want to translate OSC Data from Processing into pitch control of an oscillator in SC. But the only way I achieve it, is that for every OSC Data received, a new Synth is triggered.

I tried it like that:

OSCdef.new(‘OSClistenerNEW’, {
arg msg;
var x;
x = msg[1];
g = {SinOsc.ar(msg[1],0,0.1)};
}, “/OSC”);

I get the OSC Data via x.postln out but the pitch of the SinOsc will stay static. If i use a SynthDef it will be triggered for each value in a new instance, which i dont want.
Do you have any idea how to make this happen?

I hope you could understand my problem.

Kind regards,

See the set method of Node.


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Just to clarify this solution, an extremely generalized solution would look something like this:

//some sound already playing, with a controllable frequency
~synth = {arg freq=250; SinOsc.ar(freq, mul:0.2!2)}.play;

//an OSC listener that sends set messages
OSCdef.new('OSClistenerNEW', {
	arg msg;
	~synth.set(\freq, msg[1]);
}, '/OSC');


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Thank you both so much!
Now it works like i intended to.
I will definitely dig deeper into these methods.

Kind Regards,