Outputting simple value at audio rate

I’d like to output a value at audio rate. I can see a few ways to accomplish this, but they all seem pretty odd, for example I’m currently doing:

var v = 0.5;
Out.ar(0, Line.ar(v, v, 10000));

I would think there is some standard short way to do something like this?

As to why, I’m integrating with an ES-8 and would like to generate an offset.

The shortest to output an ar constant, AFAIK:


Hrm, DC.ar can’t be changed though? Sorry for not being clear this offset need to change (I’m sending 1/v oct pitch information ).

Changed from where? Do you want that DC-level to be a control input to your (DC) synth? And if so, how often does that DC level need to change? E.g. are control-rate changes ok? For instance

(SynthDef(\dc, {
	var out = \out.ir(88), amp = \amp.kr(0.5);
	Out.ar(out, K2A.ar(amp));

Don’t send this to speakers. I put a high default value for the bus there on purpose. Test e.g. with

b = Bus.audio(s, 1);
y = Synth(\dc, [out: b]);
y.set(\amp, 1);

Hrm, actually after thinking about it some more I think DC.ar is fine for the code I was writing, was just a trivial thing to work out what SC values map to 1/voct. In other code that I wrote to sequence the modular from SC, I don’t have this problem because values are being generated from say DSeq.

K2A.ar!!! I was looking for something like this but I couldn’t find it. I think I was adding bus to my Google search query because of other things I was trying so K2A and A2K weren’t showing up.


Google doesn’t help here, the mailing-list archive is the largest resource (almost 20 years of Q & A) and not open to search engines.
Unfortunately the interface is confusing users, see this thread:

( https://www.listarc.bham.ac.uk/lists/sc-users-2020/msg67589.html )


Select one of the years, go to search, or directly to


A2K / K2A are giving hundreds of matches.

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