PanAz 0.01 error?

Hello, has anyone encountered this already?

I want to get sound to one speaker only, while using PanAz. Let’s assume a four channel setup: channel 0 should be at pos -0.25, channel 1 at 0.25, channel 2 at 0.75, channel 3 at 1.25. But instead, I need to add an extra 0.01 to those pos values, otherwise I still get a bit of “leak” in an adjacent channel.
I have seen this happening on Linux and Mac, and I saw a Window machine not needing this 0.01 correction.

P.S. this was with orientation=0.5; with orientation=0 the correction is 0.001 instead.

hi elgiano, thanks for the report. i can reproduce this:

{,,, orientation: 0.5) }.loadToFloatArray(1 / Server.default.sampleRate, nil, { |result| result.postln })
// -> FloatArray[ 0.00076699029887095, 0.99999970197678, 0.0, 0.0 ]

i don’t have time to investigate unfortunately, but if you can reproduce this on linux and mac but not windows, that’s an indicator of a bug present in the vectorized nova-simd version that isn’t present in the unvectorized variant.

Awesome, thanks! It would be the first time I do this, but shall I open an issue on github?