Pattern Library / Solenoid / Arduino?

Hi everyone,
I would love to start using controlled solenoids to make rithmic patterns.

I was wondering if anyone had expirience in making rithmic patterns using solenoids via arduino(or similar microcontroller) and if yes,
is there some code, tutorials or other materials about what I’m looking for?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I found a project similar to what I would love to do (made in SC):

You can find may stuff on Fredrik Olofsson GitHub:

If you find some straightfoward solution for you problem, could you please post it here ?

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Thanks for the reply, I’m checking your folders.
As soon as I find something useful, it will be my pleasure to share.

…It will be updated…

If you guys don’t mind I just put here some reminders and thoughts about these days of learning.

I’m on :
Windows 7 home premium
SC 3.9.3

windows // I Need to check it later …

there is no serial port in the current version of supercollider for windows. to get around that problem you can run this small relay program in Processing together with this sc code. it is also possible to use puredata, python or maxmsp - basically any program that has both a serial port and opensoundcontrol objects.

if it’s true : use Processing and libraries like a bridge from sc to arduino … check it soon.

1) arduino and the sc serial port
General understanding of the serial port…

Retrieve an array of available devices represented as String: Strings. On macOS and Linux, this list is obtained using a number of regular expression rules on files in the /dev/ directory. On Windows, this is obtained using a registry key. The matching rules are designed to be identical to that of the Arduino IDE.

For backward compatibility, if SerialPort.devicePattern is not nil, SerialPort.devicePattern.pathMatch is returned instead of the default behavior.

2) actuators (leds, solenoids, motors etc)

to send osc commands from supercollider to processing look at supercolliderToProcessing.pde and supercolliderToProcessing.scd


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That should not be true anymore – you might have heard that from an out of date source.

Apparently this was merged about a year ago, into 3.10. 3.10.4 was just released so it should have the new feature.

If you know where you picked up the hearsay about no SerialPort in Windows, you might go back and let the author know.


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