Pbind and samples with different durations (chain them)


About Bbind, buffer and duration:
In a Pbind, I would like the /dur key match the duration of the audio sample randomly selected in an array (~ bufFauvette array in my example).

I tried this, but it does not work:

Pbind(\instrument, \bufplay,
	\buf, Prand(~bufFauvette, inf),
	\dur, Pfunc({|d| d.buf.bufDur}),
	\legato, 1,

How do you do in this case where the sounds contained in the buffers each have a different duration, and you want to chain them without interruption?

Wrong method, you need ‘duration’ (BufDur is the UGen).

Crossfades, depends on the buffers how to do best. A legato value slightly above 1 might suffice.

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Yes, it’s the idea…
And thank you very much, it works very well. I added as you suggested a legato value slightly above 1.
Also, I had to put (d.buf) in parenthesis so that there is no more error. The result:

Pbind(\instrument, \bufplay,
	\amp, 1,
	\buf, Pxrand(~bufFauvette, inf),
	\dur, Pfunc({|d| (d.buf).duration}),
	\legato, 1.05,
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