Pbind MIDI control

I’m struggling with an issue related to Pbind and MIDI.
Everything is ok when I send noteOn, noteOff, pitch bend messages to a MIDI software instrument/external synth.

The problem arises when I try to send sustain pedal control messages.
it seems I’m not able to change the value sent by the Pbind in any way. Monitoring the MIDI data stream I always see a value of 125.

~sustain = Pbind(
	\chan, 3,
	\midicmd, \control,
	\ctlNum, 64, // 64 is sustain pedal
	\val, Pseq([0, 127], inf)

What am I doing wrong?
thank you for you help.


instead of ‘val’ you need ‘control’

	\control, Pseq([0, 127], inf)

Hint: if you don’t find examples concerning Event keywords, you might grasp an idea for the conventions by snooping Event.sc

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Thank you @dkmayer for your reply.