Pen.stringAtPoint eats return/newlines?

Hi, this has probably been like this for a while but I stumbled across it when opening an old project; apparently Pen.stringAtPoint (and subsequently Pen.string) ignores any newlines (‘\n’) in the string it draws. Pen.stringInRect however doesn’t; it creates newlines normally. I think this happens since the move to Qt, because before that Pen.stringAtPoint used to correctly display strings with newlines in them. Also string.bounds returns the bounds without the newline. Is this a bug or a feature?


w = Window().front;
u = UserView(w, w.bounds.moveTo(0,0));
u.drawFunc = { |uvw|
Pen.stringAtPoint( “string\nat\npoint”, 0@0 );
Pen.stringInRect( “string\nin\nrect”, Rect(0,15,200,200) );

// displays: (can’t seem to post a picture here)