Pitch Drift album and SC code


If you’ll forgive my posting something, an album of microtonal improvisations created through MIDI control of SuperCollider. The tuning systems always travel somewhere other than where they start in each of 16 tracks.

Aside from my improvisations on the album, very happy for anyone here to play this work in any configuration including hacking the code, playing it yourselves or getting friendly pianists/keyboardists to try it in concert, etc.

Album link:
Code link:



Nice! I’ve made a freely tuning system too in pure data. Are you using pianoteq for the sounds? I couldn’t find any opensource or free versions that would give me the realistic piano/orchestral sounds that I wanted. There’s fluidsynth, but the orchestral soundfonts aren’t as realistic as ones that are physically modelled.

But, are there compositional frameworks to writing non 12tet music?


The code details the various SynthDefs used, but I think you might mean OteyPiano. Pianoteq I have but wouldn’t have sent external MIDI note ons plus pitch bend messages as a reliable detuning (I’m not sure Pianoteq allows for sufficient per note tuning control on the fly algorithmically).

I’m also not quite sure what you mean by compositional frameworks, but if you’re newer to tuning in SC, I’d recommend Fabrice Mogini’s chapter in the SC Book and the Tuning/Scale classes. I write my own tuning algorithms to explore quirky tuning ideas, I’ve always found SC to be powerful and concise for those purposes.


Nice! By compositional framework, i mean something like schenkerian analysis or gradus ad parnassum.