Placing GUIs with a GUI?

I remember there was a Quark or something that allowed for placing and manipulating GUI elements around in a Window and for it to return code (a Rect at least) relative to the current state of the GUIs in the window that you could copy and paste into your project. It was useful for quickly sketching out GUI placement. Does anyone remember what that is?

In the pre-IDE world there was a GUI editor built in to SC, but I don’t know about a Quark. That could be really handy, but I’ll add one caveat - in general, I suggest working with layouts rather than Rects. I wish all the GUI stuff I’d done in the past went that route so my GUIs would be more flexible for different screen sizes.

Yes it was definitely pre-IDE, might even have been something SwingOSC specific.

Thanks for the tip with layouts, it does seem like a smarter approach in general.