Play function on specific channel


I am new to SC, so sorry for asking something trivial but I could not figure it out…

Playing a function like this:

{ }.play

plays the sine-wave on my left channel.

{!2 }.play

plays on both channels, but what would be the syntax if I want to play it on the right channel only?

I am aware that this play-syntax is merley syntatic sugar for defining a SynthDef, instantiating it and so on, so there surely is a way to route the output to the right channel if I would be more verbose, but I wonder if there is a “sugared” way to do it.

Alternatively is there a UGen that simply produces silence, so that you could do something like

{ [,] }.play

Many thanks!

If you check the documentation for, you’ll see that its second argument specifies an output Bus, so I think what you’re looking for is:

{ }.play(s, 1)

You were close, it’s You can also just do:

{ [0,] }.play

Great, thanks a lot.

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