Playmodes - WIP

Hi all!
Today i recorded some of my WIP for an upcoming installation. By now, it is just noise modulated custom synthdefs, stereo mixed, but the final versions of this sounds will be multichannel and macro-structurally organized.

Even not being final (is generative music ever “final”?), i was willing to share it with you and hear what you think…

Enjoy (or not)!


had fun last night


and tonight. loving the PV ugens for freezing and morphing spectra.


It’s always nice to see some code, btw, to read through while listening : )

In the olden times of the SC group on SoundCloud

Looking for recommendations on music made with SuperCollider - #9 by alln4tural

some people would post on, but here in the discourse we can have it in one place


Well… the way i work with supercollider is not very idiosincratic, and hence it is kind of complicated to share the code which unfolds this music.

Nevertheless, you can find my personal synthdef repository here:

And for an understanding of why sharing the code is not an option here: I sequence the synthdefs and modulate its parameters in a custom c++ nodal environment we’ve been developing for years in the studio. I have already shared this on this forum in the past, but if it helps illustrating why…