Plotting class env.not using EnvGen

There is some inconsistent behaviour with plotting just the Env.class ( Ia m not using EnvGen)
I am trying to plot the level ,times ,curves only . sometimes it works , sometimes it doesn’t , curves don’t show up etc…

Copy pasting the code in new window and typng instead of Env or ommiting the "."after Env plots it ,but more often then not.
Iirc I plotted env classes without EnvGen in the past and te curves showed up fine



////[0,2,0,1,0],[0.001,0.500,0.001,0.500],[0,-5,0,-5]).plot(4);///curves don't plot


Env([0,2,0,1,0],[0.001,0.500,0.001,0.500],[0,-5,0,-5]).plot(4);///curves don't plot

Could you try the following examples? I removed all the parenthesis pairs with a number.





Yeah now it works , the parenthesis were defining the plotter’s time.
Seems like it’s not necessary to use it for plotting times-levels only without EnvGen or even when bypassing the audio server
Still a bit in the dark why it messes up the envelopes when using plot time ?
Good to know I was not imagining things

Env().plot(num) – num is a sampling size, not a duration in seconds.

If you ask it to sample the envelope down to 4 points, then naturally the curves will be lost to the low sampling rate.