Point of (i.e. use cases for) Pplayer?

I figured out how to use it, e.g.

p = Pplayer(Pbind(\event, (dur: 0.1)), Pbind(\degree, Pwhite(0, 7))).play


What it does is pull the \event field of the first pattern (the rest of its fields are totally ignored) and use it as a parent (thus default values) for the 2nd pattern… But I don’t quite see how this is useful. It seems to me it’s more or less Pchain done wierd. And it doesn’t spawn anything with respect to the sub-pattern like Pspwaner etc. So, are there any cute/convincing examples using Pplayer?

There is no use case for it, if you’re assuming that the only parent event that matters is Event’s default parent event.

But we’re free to define completely separate parent events, with totally different behaviors. (A parent event is not only a set of values – it defines how to interpret those values to do something concrete.)

So you can stream over a set of behaviors and apply them to a separate stream of data.


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