Polygonal synthesis?

anyone tried implementing polygonal synthesis so far?
something along this:


Interesting to think of signals as x or y components of a more or less circular path.

Synthesizing the right wavetable wouldn’t be too hard as a one-off, but doing it in a way that could be modulated (which seems like the interesting part of the whole things…) seems tougher - I’ve never really found a good solution for realtime modulation of wavetables in SuperCollider. I wonder if you could use two IEnvGens to generate the segments of the X and Y components, and then just scan through them?

there’s VOsc for the wavetables… so actually scanning through those might do the trick…
I’m more concerned about the hardsync features and the other shape operation…

maybe i’ll try it soon… will post it here :slight_smile:

if anyone wants to contribute, feel invited!

Phasor --> mapping functions should do it, right?

The rotation is kinda cool. That would be trickier with wavetables.

The color scheme of their scope is pretty much exactly what I get with SC’s XY scope (using a dark GUI color scheme) :smile:


Some years ago I experimented with parametric equations in supercollider to generate all kinds of funny shapes. It should totally be possible to generate polygons as a collection of line segments.

I also used this technique to make this funny accident:


wow excellent blog - thanks ! (happy user of your Panola quark btw)

…also read your post previously about blender SC and OSC - thought I’d bring to your attention a FR thread about adding MovieView to SC in case you might have anything to add:

The polygogo looks interesting! Makes me think of DIN’s shapeforms which I’d like to play around with in another context outside of DIN… I haven’t tried implementing something like this myself.