Posting via email

I know @scztt mentioned a couple of email addresses one can use to create posts via email (as opposed to replying to a post via email, which works seemlessly for me now), but i can’t find that info anymore.

Could you list these addrs under the FAQ?


You can find the addresses on the categories page.

Hm, not on my phone (android / Firefox), afaics …

But thanks! I’ll check on a laptop later


I’ve generally listed them in the “About the XXXXX category” posts (Search results for '"About the" category in:title' - scsynth), that are pinned in every category. Putting them in the faq is a good idea also - I won’t be able to get to it for the moment but if someone wants to do this, maybe collect them here and a moderator can make sure they’re updated.

In general, the email addresses are directly from the category name, e.g. for questions.