PostWindow in IDE (SC 3.12.2) on MacOS stays blank

my IDE (3.12.2) is acting strange. I can start the server and evaluate code. But nothing gets posted to the Post window.
I’m running MacOS 13.0.1 and already tried to reinstall Supercollider and start with a plain config file without extensions.
Anyone experiencing something similar?

Thanks, best

Same with 3.13

I don’t see this problem here - can you click in the post window and select all? I wonder if the font color is the same as the background.

good guess. thanks! but unfortunately no. the colors are default. when i right-click nothing happens.

the post window in emacs is working though… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

also in fresh build 3.14. :exploding_head:
is there something very stupid i’m missing out?

ok. was a strange bug?
went outside, rebooted everything and pressed cmd+p. now the ide works as expected again. thanks for caring!

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