Presales of my book "Composing Interactions"


After many years of writing, I am happy to announce that the presales of my book have started now!

The book is titled: “Composing Interactions - An Artist’s Guide to Building Expressive Interactive Systems”.

Interactive technologies have become a part of many different artistic practices. Nowadays artists make use of sensors, electronic circuits, computation, and algorithms to create engaging aesthetic experiences.
Composing Interactions brings together aesthetic considerations, practical
guidelines for project development, and an overview of sensors, circuits, and
processing algorithms.
Marije Baalman applies her extensive experience as an artist and as an
engineer to guide the reader through the creation process of interactive digital artworks. She elaborates on different techniques for creating meaningful interactions and presents detailed case studies of a range of artistic work from the field to illustrate the techniques in practice.

All information, including the link to the presales, can be found at

While the book is mostly written in a programming language agnostic way (so as to encourage a shared vocabulary between users of different programming languages), there are some case studies in the book of artists using SuperCollider, and in particular the one on Jeff Carey features some SuperCollider code as illustration of his techniques.

The official publication date is planned to be June 1st, 2022, and plans for a book launch or release party in Rotterdam are being made for June 30th.
(After June 1st, the book will also be available through other distribution channels than directly via the publisher V2_.)

Marije Baalman


Woohoo congratulations!!! I’ll deffo get one !

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Congrats Marije! Looking forward to it! TH

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Dear Marije is Latin American Composer José Ignacio Quevedo Gómez:

I’m very interested in doing a project about Arduino ans SuperCollider; making a tropical fishes aquarium, in which I make the aquarium controlling algorithmic music in SC, so; the idea is to put sensors (temperature, humidity; light; movement; sound; gas, etc…) in Arduino to that the ecology and physics of the aquarium control SC. Can you help me in this voyage? As a private tutor, I will pay.

PS: I know introductory level in Java; Python and Common Lisp if that helps in some mode.

Congrats! Rotterdam is a great city for a party. Keep us up-to-date.

Yay! I’ve received my copy today, on a day where, as if by magic, I have some time to spare! I’ll need to start browsing/reading now :slight_smile:

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The book launch has been postponed to September 14th (taking place at V2 in Rotterdam), but indeed! the book can be ordered now both at V2 and at your local (art book oriented) book store. The ISBN can be found on the book website, and worldwide distribution (to bookshops mainly) is taken care of by Idea Books in Amsterdam.

I’m happy to read feedback on the book!

This is exciting:) Will the book be available as ebook/pdf?

This is not planned at the moment.
The book was designed for a 3-color print.
Converting this to an ebook (suitable for ereaders, so probably black and white only?) would require considerable effort, I think.

Ok np, I will get the hard copy.

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