Problem installing extensions

SC 3.12.1
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

So, it seems to me, and as well as I can recall, being able to do this in the past…

I can extract this:

to either:




…and it will just work (?)

I’m currently on Windows, and having some issues, I’ve tried placing all of the extension directories directly into /Extensions, as well as the full extracted source directory, and… this is what I’m experiencing:

FM7 // -> FM7 // -> [ an OutputProxy, an OutputProxy, an OutputProxy, an OutputProxy, an OutputProxy, an OutputProxy ]
FM7.openHelpFile // -> works
FM7.openCodeFile // -> works

However, attempting to load any of the extensions into a SynthDef will result in:

exception in GraphDef_Recv: UGen 'FM7' not installed.


While I understand cmake, I don’t believe I’ve ever used it… I’m just looking for the easiest way to install the sc3 plugins on Windows.

These are all related to the class library.

This is about the plugin binary.

So the class library is installed correctly but the plugin binary is not. The plugin binary would be a .dll file, I think (mac, .scx; Linux, .so).

But the server should be searching the extension directories for dlls… if the dll is installed but the server isn’t finding it, then I’m not sure offhand. (Except that I have, in the past, copied the sc3-plugins distribution into the extension directory, in Windows, and didn’t have a problem.)

The source directory will not fix the problem because the server needs the compiled binary, not the source.


What did you download? There are 7 assets. If you’re using 64-bit SuperCollider on Windows, you will need

Extract this in your Extensions folder and it should work.

Yes, I downloaded the standard .zip awhile back… that was it, thanks.