Problem when recording Supercolider's sound

There is a problem when recording Supercolider’s sound.
I want to bring the recorded sound to Ableton Live and edit it.
I don’t know why the result looks like ‘Unipolar’ (this problem keeps breaking the sound).
I wonder how I can record something that looks like a normal ‘Bipolar’.
For your information, my recording setting is like this.

s.recChannels = 2;
s.recHeaderFormat = “wav”;
s.recSampleFormat = “float”;

I’ll attach SynthDef as well. For your information, when you plot the buffer itself, it looks like a bipolar.
I think there might be a problem with SynthDef.

SynthDef(\buf, {
| atk=0, sus=0, rel=3, c1=1, c2=(-1),
buf=0, rate=1, spos=0, freq=440, rq=1, bpfmix=0,
pan=0, amp=1, out=0 |
var sig, env;
env =[0,1,1,0],[atk,sus,rel],[c1,0,c2]), doneAction:2);
sig =, buf, rate*, startPos:spos);
sig =, freq, rq);
sig = sig * env;
sig =;
sig =, pan, amp);, sig);

This is the result of recording.

스크린샷 2021-02-03 오전 10.10.46

Thank you.

I can’t see anything in the SynthDef that would produce large DC offset.

What are the contents of the buf?

In any case, add sig =; just before Out and see if that helps.


Thank you very much. I solved the problem. :pleading_face::partying_face: