Problem with Quarks on Mac

Hello everyone, I am having troubles with my quarks:
The Quarks tab doesn’t show any quarks that I have not installed, when I try to update the repository it gives me the following Error:
ERROR: Failed to read quarks directory listing: GitHub - supercollider-quarks/quarks: Directory of community contributed Quarks for SuperCollider
ERROR: Primitive ‘_FileReadLine’ failed.
I’ve reinstalled SC twice with no luck, does any one know what causes this and what steps I can take to getting it fixed?

Thanks in advace,

This sounds like git is not downloading the quarks directory.

Have you installed git on your system? (Unfortunately the documentation doesn’t make it clear that quarks depend on this.)

Also the git auto-checkout is known to have problems in Windows.


Ahh yes I installed homebrew and then git through terminal $ brew install git and now it works!!
This has been bugging me forever thank you so much!!