Process video from stream

I stream at every Saturday at 10am Pacific. I don’t record video much but I decided to do that yesterday. It’s kind of slow-paced (I spend a lot of time zoning out to my own patch) but check it out if you want.


Thanks for sharing ! That’s very interesting to watch.
Is the ForayMultibandComp available somewhere ?
All the best

I don’t think I’ll make it public any time soon. The story is that it’s a pseudo UGen but built on a real custom UGen called Press, which I built because I don’t like the internal control-rate downsampling in Compander. Press sounds better than Compander but its code is a mess, and I need to do much more research on compressor design before I’m comfortable putting something out there.

Thanks for your reply ! We will wait until you think it’s done !

Really cool Nathan. Impressed with how quickly you went from 0 to 100 in this one. Bravo!

New one up:


This is an impressive lesson of sound design with SC ! I’m learning so much with these videos, thank you so much for sharing !

Some drum synthesis and a glitchy chiptune synth.


I love these videos, so so great!

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Algorithmic breakbeats, feedback synthesis, pop EDM, pentatonic grains.

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