ProxySpace Output to Audio Out Buses

I’m trying to find a way, within a ProxySpace setup to record stems out from Pbinds.

As I was learning SC and before I had even gotten to using ProxySpace (and even Pbinds) as a sort of live-coding mechanism, I had a working setup with routing SuperCollider to buses for various synths. I use OSC commands to control the start of REAPER, arm tracks and start recording. This keeps the starting point the same and everything in time.

I had set up the server to 16 numOutputBusChannels. I’d send the args to the Synth for output channel.

I set up routing in JackD (on Linux) to tie the outs of SC to the Ins of Reaper.

This all worked just fine. It all started when I told it, and started tracking on whatever channels I told it to arm.

Enter ProxySpace (JITLib, NodeProxy etc.) and I seem to only get audio out from the first two normal output channels doing the same. Even the Server Meter shows such.

I’ve looked through the docs and am sure I’m missing something, but can’t figure out how to do the basic sends from Synths in ProxySpace to the ‘soundcard’ (though virtual through Jack) output channels.

Anyone know the trick and whatever it is that I’m missing?

you can send output to other buses with the out parameter of the play method

is that what you’re looking for?

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Thanks @droptableuser! I’ll give that a shot - not sure where I missed it. I was using an ‘out’ arg in my SynthDef with the, …); I’d think they’d work the same but I’ll try this with my ~p = Pbind(...); (paraphrased code there) and see if that works. I appreciate the help!

~p = Pbind()
will not set ~p as a NodeProxy so i don’t think that will work. out is an argument for the play method of a NodeProxy but not for a Pbind or EventStreamPlayer. If you have an \out parameter in your synth you can set it in your Pbind simply by specifying Pbind(\out, 2). you mentioned ProxySpace in your question which is what I was responding to. Hope I haven’t added to your confusion…

Actually it did! This works exactly as I was intending. 4 Pbinds playing on 1 of 2 SynthDefs. Doing what you suggested actually sends to the other virtual outputs and picks up in REAPER.

Thanks much. If I experience goofiness I’ll try and come back and post some notes questions - but this totally worked!