Pull Request Topic Name?

I needed some functionality that the server kinda had so I modified the source to get it. I’d like to make a pull request since others might also find it useful. However, I’m a bit confused as to what the topic would be per these guidelines.

In a nutshell, I modified the SpecPcile UGen to output the bin number directly instead of a frequency. It also allows for interpolation to be set in which case it outputs a parabolically interpolated bin number as a float. You can see the commit here. I’m not sure what topic this would be (Machine Listening? FFT?) and if one doesn’t exist, is it kosher to make a new topic branch on my fork?

As I understand it, every pull request should be its own topic branch. Reusing branches is an excellent way to shoot yourself in the foot.

So a topic branch should be named for the specific changes to be made, not for a general category.

Perhaps topic/SpecPcileBinOutput.


Ah, got it. Pull request incoming…