Q&D stereo phase scope

Hacked up a stereo phase scope, thought I would share. It’s not very refined but it does show the basics.


b = Bus.audio(s, 2);
a = { |inbus = 0|
	var sig = In.ar(inbus, 2);
	// x axis is side, oriented toward right;
	// y axis is mid
	[sig[1] - sig[0], sig.sum]
}.play(s.defaultGroup, outbus: b, addAction: \addAfter);
c = s.scope;
c.style = 2;
c.bus = b;


If you set the fill color of your scope to something non-opaque, you can get a fading-out history of your scope, which can make this kind of a view a little more clear. I think it’s: c.fill = Color.grey(0, 0.5)?

That doesn’t seem to do exactly what you’re saying.

c.scopeView.waveColors_([Color.yellow(1, 0.25)]);

The color is brighter where the curve overlaps itself more densely, but there’s no time-based fading.

That would need a ScopeView enhancement, I think.