Q: Should there be language specific categories?

It occurs to me that having specific places for people to ask questions in the language they’re most comfortable could be really positive. It also occurs to me that it should be 100% acceptable to start a topic in a non-english language in any category, and making specific categories could make it feel like it’s the ONLY place non-english languages are acceptable. Any thoughts on this - especially from people for whom non-english spaces would be valuable? Are there other forums that have done an exemplary job at integrating multi-lingual discussion?

I think the best solution I think would be to use a translation service (like this one?) to allow different language users to interface with the same content and connect with each other.


My mother tongue is Korean.

There are some SC-users and two online groups in Korea but are not so active. Some of them, including me of course, are not so accustomed to computer science and programming languages.

My English skill and programming skill are still not so advanced, but I have been satisfied in learning SC via the SC mailing list.

I think non-English-native SC-users must be accustomed to reading and writing English to use SC better. That would mean, from my viewpoint, having local language categories is not so ideal. However, integrating a translation service as in the form of a plugin would be great.



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