Quark dependencies as URLs

Hello everyone

Something I’ve found a bit confusing is how to manage the installation of quarks with depencies referenced as git url’s. It’s probably something simple I missed, but the following quark file did not give me any errors and also didn’t install the dependencies as I would expect.

  name: "DependencyTester",
  summary: "Just testing dependencies",
  version: "0.001",
  schelp: "DependencyTester.schelp",
  dependencies: ["https://github.com/madskjeldgaard/Else", "https://github.com/scztt/OfflineProcess.quark"],
  license: "GNU GPL v3.0",
  copyright: "madskjeldgaard",
  ext_dependency: "",
  url: "https://github.com/madskjeldgaard/dependencytester"

I would expect the parser to do something like this: Quarks.install("https://github.com/madskjeldgaard/dependencytester") on each url but it does not seem to be the case.

Can anyone enlighten me ?


Might be related… as far as I recall if you don’t have git installed and just point Quarks (with Quarks.addFolder) to some local directory… it will install them with broken dependencies if everything needed is not there… and you don’t get a warning either (except for git missing, but not for what extra quarks it was expecting to find.)