Quarks are DIRTY


I have a bunch of Quarks that are being loaded by SuperCollider and many of them are identified in the Version as DIRTY in the GUI. When in the state of DIRTY it doesn’t allow any other version to be installed.

There doesn’t seem to be a problem running the particular Quark but how can updates be applied when in this state?


This is a weird state to be in! If you have modified code in quarks, I believe they will be marked as dirty (because there are modifications you would lose if you installed / updated). If you’re sure you don’t have any changes in them you would like to keep, you can easily go ahead and delete the downloaded-quarks folder, and then re-install the ones you want.

Careful about the order - if you delete, and then try to re-launch SC, you’ll fail because you’re missing stuff. Better to just delete and re-install immediately.

Thanks for the response Scott. For at least one of them I know I updated the contents of the quark manually.

I deselected the quark in the GUI. Then, as you mentioned, I had to delete the quark folder in the downloaded-quarks directory, reinstalled in the GUI and recompiled and it worked fine. Thanks.