Quarks: Can use 'main' branch?

I just pushed out a couple of quarks – this brought up a question.

Github now encourages users to name the principal branch “main” rather than “master” (for reasons that I generally agree with).

Did we ever update Quarks code to look for, and prefer, “main”?

I’d look it up myself, but I’m a bit wiped out after a documentation sprint on those quarks… so I’ll just ask.


Hi James,

IIRC this has been discussed (at the time of updating problematic terminology project-wise) but was not implemented due to - again IIRC - problematic implementation in sclang.

IIRC we didn’t have a good way of detecting the default branch so we hardcode its name - i.e. it’s difficult to support both “master” and “main”.

I really thing we should fix this, but it’s a non-trivial change (while preserving backwards compatibility) IIRC.


Ok… The MIDI quark that I just published uses main. I’ll change it (or try to… the Great Firewall seems to be interfering with VPNs now, which isn’t typical, access to github is spotty).

That is quite odd that there’s no way to query for the default branch… if git makes this difficult then I guess it isn’t really our problem (but we have to live with it).


Maybe we query for main, and if that fails query for master

Josh Parmenter