QuarksGui no longer working


the other day I was able to install a quark using QuarksGui but suddenly it no longer works.
When I run “QuarksGui.gui” all I get is a more or less empty window with just a “QuarksGui” visible.
There are no error messages posted.
What could be the problem here?

I think it should be Quarks.gui


Of course. And what is QuarksGui.gui then?

crucial-library has a generalized GUI system where every object can be asked to .gui. Many classes have an associated XxxxGui class, whose job is to represent the “model” object as a GUI.

Objects that don’t have an associated XxxxGui class simply write a label into the window. QuarksGui is an instance of Class. Class objects fall into this category of gui-less objects, so that’s why you see a small window with only the name of the class in it (and no functionality).

I had thought this existed only in the crucial-library Quark, but it looks like portions of that system were imported into the main class library, a long time ago (the portions that aren’t specific to the Quark). But it’s a bit out of date – it could be a candidate for deprecation (particularly because .gui doesn’t consistently invoke this framework – many objects, including Quarks.gui, override the crucial GUI logic!).


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