Quick Interfacing with SC (midi, osc)

Hello all! I’m a new comer that comes from PD and Max, and I’ve been using supercollider for about 3 months now, but I find my self having trouble with quickly connecting controls with MIDI or OSC. I know that u could use MIDIdef or OSCdef but is that the most easiest way to handle controls with Hardware? I’m not even looking for some thing like Ableton/Max style midi mapping but was wondering if there was a quicker and easier way to setup controls. I’m loving Supercolliders cpu management and all that but coming from a Gui based system, I do miss the quick interfacing that PD and Max provides.
(I’m comfortable with the x.set style tweaking but don’t want to do that onstage.)
Any tips r welcome!

I do extensive MIDI routing and processing in SuperCollider on stage as part of my live rig. I had the same feeling as you, that MIDI coding in SC is a bit low level.

I wrote a library to make this considerably easier, at least for my kind of use. It is alpha quality, but it is available here: https://github.com/mzero/crunch-clockwise

My live performance script (in the repo) lets me route a note controller to one of several devices, maps some MIDI controller knobs to various MIDI synths, and maps other controls to the SuperCollider effects patch I’m running.

Try it out and let me know how it goes.

I’ll try it out and report back soon :crossed_fingers: Thank you for the reply!

You may also have a look at Modality Toolkit which supports a bunch of controllers out of the box

I also wrote something to handle this!

But worth pointing out that MIDIdef also has a .learn() function that can be used. Unfortunately it can’t be saved and has to be redone every time as far as I know (hence why I wrote my own learning GUI to be able to save learned mappings).

Hi folks, been messing around with alot of the stuff you guys showed me and awesome work! I also found out Ndef.gui and its amazing! Just wanted to thank everyone for helping out! :kissing_heart:

As another option you could check VarGui from the miSCellaneous_lib quark. It has a midi learn function, which is described in Ex. 10 of its class helpfile (ATM not possible to save the midi bindings though possible to save and reload presets). For an introduction to VarGui itself better start with “Tour 1” in the help file “Introduction to miSCellaneous”.