Re: More missing mail

Actually, now that I’ve gone to to check that my message arrived, I see that the problem is much worse than I thought.

Of the first 15 topics I see on the scsynth homepage, I’ve received only a couple of them, and I’m not sure I have any of them in their entirety.

These are all topics I’ve never heard of:

  • Interfacing SC with vmpk
  • Convert .midicps to 432hz base
  • Preventing Feedback Blow-Ups
  • [WIP] FaustGen - a UGen for interpreting Faust code
  • The way we make Algorithmic Composition in Latin America
  • Deploying supercollider (sclang) standalone apps
  • Server based performance distinctions
  • Musical Sound Design In Supercollider: 16 - Dynamic Range Compression
  • Linking Parameters Together in Meaningful Ways
  • “via scsynth” subject

In other words, nearly everything on the homepage. (Again, I’ve checked my spam folder, grepped my email archive, checked my email provider’s web interface, etc.)

For the “Finding a Part of a String and Replacing the Whole String” thread, one of the most recent ones I’ve gotten, I’m missing the first 2 messages as well as the last 3. So I’m just dropped into the convo with someone saying “I also don’t fully understand the details of your example.”

Is it possible Discourse is trying to send with sendmail or similar and not recovering or retrying when it fails? (And, seemingly, failing quite a lot?) I’m open to this being an issue on my end but as I say I don’t have missing messages from friends or from other mailing lists.

Just to add one possibility, in other forums I’ve seen mentioning of a limit of sending 5000 emails per day when using some cheaper hosting site. I have no idea how this site is hosted, but perhaps there’s some limitation on the number of emails that can be sent in a day (which potentially would be quickly reached when enough people enable mailing list mode). I think discourse itself also has options to limit how many emails can be sent per user per day. But I’m sure the admins will investigate.

@amindfv Looks like you weren’t receiving any mail in the last few days because most (all?) of the messages sent to you from the list were being bounced as spam. I sent you some log files privately so you can hopefully investigate why this is occurring.

In general, there’s been a large influx of new people to the mailing list mode. What we have found is that, for some email hosts, mail sends will occasionally temporarily fail because of timeouts on the email host. Though these don’t occur for ALL hosts, they nonetheless appear to be normal - usually the messages are just re-delivered later. Our email bounce settings were extremely sensitive before, which were causing these temporary failures to show up as an inactive/faulty email address - we just never ran into this problem because most of the 15 people who were using ML mode didn’t have problems.

I’m going to again turn the bounce settings down even more, to make sure all emails go through in the coming weeks, and avoid problems. This runs a slight risk of our email getting flagged for sending massive numbers of emails to dead accounts (hosts generally don’t like this), but hopefully it won’t be a problem for a couple weeks until we can fine tune things.