Real-time feature extraction

Looking through SCMIR and the Analysis UGens, I’m wondering which of them would be able to perform feature extraction of real-time (‘live’) input and also generate measurements (as control rate signals) in real-time? Hopefully my question makes sense and thanks in advance!

All UGens can be used with live signals. Some of them generate only control rate signals as output, while others audio or control rates.

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They can indeed, and so are all of FluCoMa’s descriptors (using internal FFT instead of the SC ones)


Great! Thank you.
My specific use-case is to generate control rate signals as continuous DC voltages extracted from some arbitrary real-time input. Obviously reducing all output to voltages might significantly narrow the set of ‘useful’ features, however. If it’s not already obvious I’m quite low on programming experience and am approaching this from the analog domain. Thanks again!

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I had loads of fun resynthesing birds with my modular synth that way:

loudness was mapped to a VCA
pitch to pitch
cutoff to a VCF

The great thing is that once it is done, you can then transpose pitch only and get pretty messy and abstracted. throughout this piece these birds are being more and more abstracted this way.

I hope this helps or at least that it doesn’t deflate your inspiration :smiley:



Great piece ! Thanks for sharing