Real time generative music?

I am currently a PhD student working on non-interactive generative music. By this I mean real-time generative music, be it sound installations, streaming music that can be listened to from a web browser, smartphone applications and so on. Algorithmic music that has been reworked and fixed in the form of a score is not part of my corpus.

In this context, I’m undertaking an inventory of pieces that might correspond to these criteria, particularly those coded in SuperCollider.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know of any pieces (by you or others) you can think of!

Many thanks to you all!


this is what got me interestedd in SuperCollider, well, not exactly. I am more interested in what I now know is called sonification - making generative sound based on data streams as a way of monitoring data.
Of course it all turned out to be a massive rabbit hole, but a delightful one.
I have had running a couple of sonifications of web site traffic that broadcast over IceCast - so they could be reached by any browser. Running Supercollider over the web is a good trick. Happy to discuss all of this further

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Thank you so much! Could you share some links to listen to your work?

there’s nothing data driven at the moment - but there are a couple of small pieces here
spider hats These are both running on a $10 a month remote linux box (I’m using Vultr) and the Icecast server is running on another similar box. the generator box is running Docker containers with Supercollider & Python, and can easily handle about 4 reasonably complex instances. (I use Python for calling remote APIs, doing any data analysis, and sending signals to the SuperCollider instance.)

It’s cheap, realatively modular, and scales the way you want it to scale.

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Don’t know if this matches your request: I’ve done a lot of audios and videos based on code generating new versions of a fundmental concept every time the code runs. If you’re interested I can send you links.