Receiver Objects seem not to be working

hey there,
I’m a new SuperCollider user and trying to master fundamental concepts here.
I stumped on some problem here and dont understand how to fix it.

this code generates no sound:

	var sig, env;
	sig =, mul:0.6);
	env =,0,0.1);

x = {~fn}.play;

whereas the following one works perfectly well:

{, mul:0.6)*,0,0.5);}.play;

I guess my variables sig and env dont work like expected. What could be the reason?

You have a function wrapped inside of another function. Try

x =

I tried it. i got ->nil and no sound…

Both work fine here, but the sound is really short
Have you:

  • checked server is booted
  • made sure sound was up
  • had a look at s.meter to make sure there is sound
  • checked s.plotTree to check that nodes are being made

nodes are not made. when I launch the code I get an unexpected respond in the post window: ->nil
dont understand what can that be…

It does work for me! Perhaps you are evaluating more lines at a time than you think?

try simply

~fn = {
	var sig, env;
	sig =, mul:0.6);
	env =,0,1);
// then immediately

if evaluates to nil please evaluate


and let us know what you see!

weirdly, it works now. thanks a lot for helping me