Reclaim #supercollider IRC channel on freenode

Hey all!

I’ve recently sent this and opened this bug report to get some attention about the #supercollider IRC channel on freenode.
It has been around for a very long time, but at the moment it seems there’s actually no op in there to set channel modes, set a new topic, etc.

I’d really like to change that, as I’m in there all the time anyways.
Is anyone here willing to be the secondary contact for registering a group with freenode (we can get cloaks for nicks, and whatnot and better support).

I do like, that there’s this forum, which is not stuck in a corporate business scheme (e.g. facebook), but I spend way more time on IRC, than in forums (so do other people it seems: 22 people happily idling in there).

If you can participate, please get back to me on it! :slight_smile:

When I go on IRC i always join this channel and try to start some discussion, but everyone is idle :stuck_out_tongue:

Classic IRC! Just gotta wait longer! :slight_smile:

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